D&C 35:17 ". . . and in weakness have I blessed him."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Because You're Mine


Because you're mine
I am loved
And needed
I have someone to hug 
And hold onto
A snuggle-buddy on long, restless nights

Because you're mine
I have a million more reasons to smile
And laugh
And cry
My heart is so much bigger than it used to be

Because you're mine
I care less for the things of this world
And more things that really matter
Like kindness
And family

Because you're mine
My life has greater meaning and increased purpose
You've elevated my priorities 
And changed my definition of success

Because you're mine
I see the humanity in others more
You attract only those with the warmest of hearts 
And I am blessed by their overwhelming kindness

Because you're mine
I have more empathy
I notice the hardships of others more
And have a better sense of their sorrows

Because you wait for me
To love
And protect you
I must be there

 And I must be more

More patient
And flexible
More loving
And gentle
More forgiving
More long-suffering

Because you're mine
I am so much more than I ever thought I could be