D&C 35:17 ". . . and in weakness have I blessed him."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Making a Little Boy Smile

      Every week Rob (World's Most Amazing Dad) takes David to the downtown mall. Not because David likes to shop. But to let David ride all the elevators and escalators he can stand. 
      Along with elevators and escalators David is crazy about ceiling fans. He is enthralled with watching them spin around at top speed. He quickly memorizes which stores have them.
      Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is one of these stores. It has a ceiling fan! 
      However, depending on the weather and time of day the fan isn't always turned on. As part of his mall ritual David always runs inside this store and looks up to see if the fan is spinning.
      The staff have picked up on David's affinity for fans and know he will be disappointed if the blades aren't spinning. So when he bolts into their store looking upward they kindly turn the fan on for him.
      Not because doing this will improve business for them. They know David isn't going to buy any of their fudge and sometimes in his enthusiasm he may even bump into one of their customers.  
      They do it because they don't have to.
      They do it because they choose to be kind and make a little boy smile. 


YOUR STAFF ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love it!!! Thanks indeed to those people kind and beutiful souls, god bless you all. I called them angels.

  2. When I buy chocolate in Salt Lake City, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory will be my source!! That is so cool of them.