D&C 35:17 ". . . and in weakness have I blessed him."

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Becoming One Through Shared Weakness


 "God is not disgusted with our weaknesses, or our sickness, or our sorrow. He sees in them the seeds of our sanctification, the way in which we can become like His Son. Weaknesses are a key in the pattern as to how the Lord works with us. . .

    "When Jesus came to the Nephites at the temple in  Bountiful, why did He have them touch his wounds? . . . I think He calls us all to touch the woundedness in Him and in ourselves so that we can be one with Him. Real initimacy comes through shared weaknesses, not strengths . . .

    "It's significant to me that the Savior asked us to always remember Him in the context of an ordinance where we are to recall Him at His most human moment when He asked for another way through suffering, when He asked why He had been forsaken, when He thirsted and was in anguish of body and spirit. During the sacrament we are led to contemplate His being broken up like the bread and poured out like the water. . .

    "I think there was something about touching Jesus' woundedness that built a Zion culture in ways touching His strengths would not have done."

(Smith, T., C.  "An Anatomy of Troubles," AMCAP. October 3, 2008)

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