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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Pioneers in the Church in South Africa


I found this on the Church history site. My dad, Gerald de Wet, is listed. He was among the first group of missionaries from South Africa to serve outside of their own country. He served in the Netherlands. I always knew he served a mission, but I didn't know he was the first to serve abroad.

I also found these on family search:

Elder Marion G. Romney seated on the left, standing behind him on the left is my grandpa, Ben de Wet. Taken when Elder Romney came to South Africa to organize the new Johannesburg Stake. My grandpa served as a counselor in this presidency.

President Ezra Taft Benson on the lower left and my grandpa, Ben de Wet, on the upper right.

I think you'll recognize Elder Scott and Elder Nelson--in their younger years. My grandpa, Ben de Wet, is on the left dressed in white. This photo was taken in the foyer of the Johannesburg, South Africa Temple, when my grandpa served as a counselor in the temple presidency (1992-1993). The lady in white is my great aunt, Anna de Wet (my grandpa's sister-in-law), she served as temple matron.

I come from people of great faith and its my duty to pass this legacy on. 

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