D&C 35:17 ". . . and in weakness have I blessed him."

Thursday, April 28, 2022

MY BOOK!!!!!!


Blessed in Weakness

How a Mother Found Hope, Healing and Divine Purpose Raising a Disabled Child 

As the mother of a disabled child, I've been the recipient of many gifts. Some of the greatest of these gifts have been spiritual. My mind has been enlightened with increased understanding and my soul has been expanded with greater faith, as I've searched to understand God's purpose for my son, David's, disability. Blessed in Weakness  is a compilation of the spiritual experiences I've had and the truths I've learned raising a disabled child.

Although there are still many things I do not know or understand, I can say with surety: 

  • I know disability is a part of God's plan, and this is a plan of happiness.
  • I know each disabled person has a unique mission to fulfill on earth and is capable of growth.
  • I know Christ overcame death and we will all be resurrected. I know David will be resurrected with a body free of disability and will live with God again. 
  • I know my Savior, Jesus Christ, has borne my griefs and carried my sorrows. He stands with open arms waiting to comfort me. His love and grace give me the strength to carry on. 
  • I know Jesus loves David and is aware of his needs. Christ has suffered the pains of David's disability and knows how to succor him.
  • Above all, I know David's body houses a strong, mature spirit. He is among the noblest of spirits--clean and pure, righteous and obedient. 

I've tried to imagine the scene in the pre-earth life when I was called to be David's mother. How honored and humbled I must have felt knowing I'd be given this special calling. 

It is a privilege.

Foreword by Carmen B. Pingree

Eugénie C. Stoll

"Uplifting and edifying"

"Unique and important"

"Outstanding and perceptive"

"This inspiring story epitomizes the paradoxes of raising a severely disabled child: unanswered questions and remarkable insights, painful rejections and startling acts of service, agonizing losses and compensatory blessings, unfulfilled dreams and unexpected miracles. Parents, neighbors, teachers and strangers will be affirmed in hope, compassion and the meaning of life and love."

 Available at AMAZON.COM in paperback and ebook


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